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Oxfordshire based Floriology was founded by two great friends, Georgina and Charlotte, brought together by their shared vision for a working life surrounded by the beauty, scent, and colour of flowers.

Apart from sharing a close friendship and complimentary skill sets, they both have a mutual interest in floriology or the “language of flowers” which they use to create meaningful and personal floral creations. “We were both enchanted by the idea of floriology, and we have tried to bring our own contemporary and unique interpretation to the original concept of the language of flowers”.

With a style that is abundant, luxurious and creative and with a bias for natural, textural design which employs subtle colours, their aim is to create floristry that promotes the individual qualities of the flowers themselves. “Flowers can represent a real depth of emotion; friendship, affection, love, passion, empathy or can simply say “I’m thinking of you” ”.


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What our clients say about us

Thank you so much for my flowers they were seriously the  most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and they worked so perfectly!

Alice Carpenter